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Australia's Response to Communism in the 1950's Free Essay.

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Essays On Communism In Australia

Communism During The Cold War History Essay.

Australia took part of the Korean war as it was an ally of America and a supporter of capitalism. The Menzies government was fearful of communism in Asia and saw the victory of communism in South Vietnam as a great threat for Australia. Looking back at the Korean war, Australia saw how communism can destroy a nation. This inspired Australia and.

Essays On Communism In Australia

Australia’s Response to the Threat of Communism Free.

Home Essays Australia on Communism. Australia on Communism. Topics: Cold War,. In an attempt to contain the spread of communism Australia formed more international treaties with what Menzies called the Australians’ “great friends and allies”. Such treaties included the ANZUS Treaty, which was between Australia, the United States and New Zealand, and SEATO, a treaty formed for the.

Essays On Communism In Australia

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One of Australia’s main responses to communism was its participation in the Korean War. Australia got involved in this war for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was to stop the “domino effect” that was believed would mean the fall of most of South East Asia and would put Australia under direct threat. Source A shows the potential consequences of not stopping the “red tide.


The Menzies government in the 1950's introduced policies that were a direct reflection of the intense fear of communism in Australia. These policies were established during the Cold War period, at a time when the fear of communism was the greatest. The fear in Australia was also demonstrated by the Petrov Affair. Furthermore, communist fears in Australia were demonstrated by several policies.

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History Essay: Australia on Communism How did Australian governments deal with the perceived threat of communism after 1950, both at home and abroad? ----- Communism was spreading during the 1950s. It seemed as though it had spread from the USSR to China and was still advancing, causing the Australian government to become fearful of communism eventually reaching Australia and the threat of.

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The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) was founded in 1920 and dissolved in 1991.The CPA achieved its greatest political strength in the 1940s and faced an attempted ban in 1951. Though it never presented a major challenge to the established order in Australia, it did have a (relatively) large membership and a significant influence on the trade unions, social movements, and the national culture.

The Australian Government's Response to Communism Essay.

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Australia’s Response to the threat of Communism Australia’s Response to the threat of Communism Australia’s response to the threat of communism after WW2 was extraordinary.Australia and its politicians immediately recognised what could happen of a result of the domino theory.With the Soviet Union influencing so many countries and causing China, Vietnam, and North Korea to turn Communist.

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Essays On Communism In Australia

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Australia faced the threat of communism after WWII ended in 1945.The threat was known as the Red Menace which was caused by all the conflicts in Asia and also things that were going on in Australia at the time.The Australian government responded to the Red Menace in many ways.

Essays On Communism In Australia

Title: The Australian Government's response to the threat.

Essays on Communism. The Future Of Communism As Discussed In the Book The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels During the late 1840s, the idea of communism had risen among the European powers. Communism is the idea of a movement that aims to overthrow the capitalist order by revolutionary means and to establish a classless society in which all goods would be socially owned.

Essays On Communism In Australia

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Everyone is equal and no-one profits from another person. In the 1920's, believers in communism tried to influence trade unions and The Labor Party in Australia to turn the country into a communist state. This fear took two forms:. 1) The fear of communism within Australia,. 2) The fear of communism spreading in the nations to. Australia's north.

Essays On Communism In Australia

Australian Government Respond to the Threat of Communism.

Australia’s involvement in the Korean War was one of the ways in which it reacted to the largely growing threat of communism. Australia didn’t think communism as a threat until China was sucked in by the Red Menace and turn into a communist country. Australia joined the Korean War in 1950. Troops were sent to fight in Korea in order to stop the domino effect. The domino effect was the.

Essays On Communism In Australia

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Essays; Term Papers; Dissertations; Australia’s Response to Communism in the 1950’s. Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: communism, war. 2 pages, 889 words. In the 1950’s the world had just come out of the greatest war in human history. In the aftermath of this war many countries turned to communism. It was against this threat of communism that the Australian government reacted in such a.

Essays On Communism In Australia

Australia’s Response to Communism in the 1950’s, Sample.

Essays Related to Anti Communism and the Vietnam War in Australia. 1. Australia and the Vietnam War. The Vietnam war was fought in 1955 to 1975, and the Australian military fought in it from 1962 to 1973, and at the time, it was the longest that Australia had participated in all-out war.. Anti-Communist forces were: South Vietnam, United States, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand.