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Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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The “spoils system”, a system for appointing government officials, was first used by Andrew Jackson. This system allowed newly-elected presidents to replace officeholders with people who supported them. For example, Jackson replaced some of his cabinet members, so his cabinet would be more in favor of the decisions he made before those policies went into effect. Most of his cabinet members.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

Andrew Jackson Was Not a Democrat Essay -

Spoils System for kids - President Andrew Jackson Video The article on the Spoils System provides an overview of one of the Important issues of his presidential term in office. The following Andrew Jackson video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 7th American President whose presidency spanned from March 4, 1829 to March 4, 1837.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson was not a democratic president. For example, the cases of Indian Removal Act and the Spoil System. The issue of the Indian Removal Act proves Andrew Jackson was not a democratic president. Jackson said he would completely remove Indians if he got elected as president because the white people wanted the land the Indians were living on. The Supreme Court said that the Indians can.


Andrew Jackson was one of the most popular US presidents of all time. He was president from 1829 to 1837. During this time the US was evolving, becoming more and more democratic. Jackson was from a poor family, and his father died before he was born. He was in the revolutionary war at the age of 13. Jackson was considered somewhat of a war hero. One great accomplishment of his military career.

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Jackson was the reason for many tragic events in America that were beneficial had a major effect on the country. Andrew Jackson achieved two terms from 1829-1837. Andrew Jackson was one of the most controversial presidents in the nation's history. The Spoil’s System is one of Jackson famous plans he had when he came into office. This system.

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When Jackson was president, they had the spoil system. The spoil system doesn’t represent democracy what so ever. In the politics of the United States, a spoil system is a system where a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its voters. (DOC C) If Jackson were a true democratic, he would give jobs to people who qualified and deserve them, not just because they.

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Spoil System Flashcard. Flashcard maker: Lily Taylor. What is is. The spoils system was a method of appointing officials to the government of the United States of America based on political connections rather than on impersonal measures of merit. The name was derived from the phrase “to the victor go the spoils”. Who invented it. It was a tactic used by Andrew Jackson in his presidency.


The presidential election of 1828 between senator Andrew Jackson and former President John Quincy Adams, not only broke old traditions, but also set a new precedent for true democracy in the United States. This election was foreshadowed by the great controversy in Adams first victory over Jackson. A shady deal between the House speaker, Henry Clay, and John Quincy Adams, put Adams in the White.

The Spoils system started with President Andrew Jackson. Many people thought that the spoils system is bad because the president appointed his supporters who were inexperienced with government.


Check out our top Free Essays on Spoil System to help you write your own Essay. Join Now! Login; Search. Andrew Jackson: First Westerner elected President. 18. American System: Henry Clay’s federal program 19. Missouri Compromise: Allowed Missouri a slave State but banned the rest of the LA territory. 20. Transcendentalist:. Save Paper; 5 Page; 1117 Words; Water 16. Some.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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This was just a political pact to the people though.Jackson rotated federal beholders using the spoil system, though only nine percent were replaced it was the most important nine percent. During this era, the Jackson Democrats felt that there were equal economic opportunities for all Americans. Jackson felt that the Bank of the United States was mainly for the rich class and foreign countries.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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President Andrew Jackson was born in South Carolina in 1767 and was the 7th US President from 1828-1836. During his presidency, Andrew Jackson was undemocratic, doing more undemocratic actions than democratic, defining democratic as helping the majority of people, because he signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, he used the spoil system despite its weaknesses, and his democratic actions didn.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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Jackson’s “kitchen cabinet” included journalists and editors of influential regional newspapers. Kendall- one of members, would constantly defend the policies of Jackson in The Globe (a published journal). The third and most important reason I found Andrew Jackson to be a bad president was the “spoil system” that he used. The spoil.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson's response to South Carolina is a demonstration of Jackson's commitment to preserving the strength of the federal union even in the face of a conflict with his usual support for the rights of states, and he was willing to go to war and fight his friends if necessary (Brands, 448). His willingness to use force in order to preserve the union in the face of SC attempts to nullify.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson was known as the “Common Man”. He was known as the common man because he didn’t grow up in a wealthy family and most people could relate to him and the common men where laborers,farmers,and frontiersmen. He created the Jacksonian Democracy and the spoil system. Andrew Jackson had some accomplishments in his presidency and.

Spoil System Andrew Jackson Essay

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However, the Spoils System was controversial because men were considered qualified for positions of public office merely for being loyal to Jackson. As a result of this, Historian David Kennedy stated that men who had openly bought their posts by campaign contributions were appointed to high office; illiterates, incompetents, and plain crooks were given positions of public trust (AP 262).

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